Saturday, March 21, 2009


We emailed out our invitations yesterday, made by Scottie's sister. Thanks Jacque, again! We figured we'd email to save paper and money! Our thought was that most folks just get an expensive paper invite that they just toss into the garbage which winds up sitting in a landfill. This way, we could also make an invitation that looked exactly the way we wanted it.
It was a challenge though. We had to track down several email addresses and bug our friends and family for addresses we didn't have. However, I can imagine that this would of occurred even if we used snail mail.
I did forget to add our address in the body of the email! Oops.


  1. HI, this is Candice HIll, just saying hi!

  2. Chelsey,

    Pat and I never received an invitation, and wanted to know if we could possibly attend or completely understand if we were not invited. Just want to know.

    Please know that we are very happy for you and Scottie and wish you all the happiness in the your new life together.

    Uncle Pat and Aunt Kathy

    PS Ireland will be something you and Scottie will never forget. Erin go Bragh!