Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We had dinner last night with Derek who will be making the food on our wedding day. He brought over two types of potato salad, baked beans, and cole slaw. He also brought pulled pork. Dennis and Joan sampled the food too! We've decided to have the hot potato salad (the temp is hot, not spicy!), apple baked beans and a type of cole slaw that has red and green peppers in it. We'll also serve hamburgers, brats and pulled pork (with the sauce on the side). Derek will bring a few hot dogs for the kids and he'll make the food as its ordered. You can eat whenever you're hungry! We're not having a sit-down dinner.
There will be keg beer and wine, as well as sodas, iced tea, and water.
Our 'centerpieces' are made of cupcakes which you can help yourself to. Eat them when you want!
We are planning to have cornhole, a moonwalk, kites, frisbees, and toys for the kids. Hopefully, no one will be bored!!
Come ready to eat and play hard!

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  1. Ok.... I should not have read this post on an empty stomach. I really might have to go get a brat dinner to go from the Rathskellar. I love the laid backness of it all. You might have to tell me where you are getting your cupcakes from. Michael and I are wanting to do cupcakes too.
    : ) Sarah